What is Counselling?


  • An opportunity to talk with someone trained to listen in a confidential, safe space
  • A supportive process which helps you to explore feelings and thoughts about difficult situations or experiences
  • A counsellor will offer you a non judgemental, supportive environment
  • A counsellor will not give you advice, but will help you understand your situation more clearly, encouraging you to find the most appropriate course of action for you
  • Talking to a therapist who is warm and able to empathise with you, can help you cope with concerns, past or present, and help bring about effective change
Sometimes we need time and understanding to look at what may have bought us to the point in life we now find ourselves at – we can then decide what we want to change and how we can live life differently. By exploring how we look at the world, behave in relationships and navigate life, we empower ourselves greatly. Counselling helps clients gain the insight they require to make changes and move forward

Tracy – WORKING WITH CHILDREN – the relationship that a child develops with their counsellor is very different to those they share with other adults in their life. As your child’s counsellor I am a neutral party, not a part of their family life, allowing them the space to open up and be heard in a safe environment.

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