About us, how we work


In 2018 I retired from working for 30 years with the emergency services, prior to this I had spent 6 years in the military. During these 36 years I came to realise that people who work in these professions find it extremely difficult to talk about some of the experiences they might have had, and how these experiences may have affected them and their families.

In many cases the simple fact of being able to talk to someone would have done much to make their life more comfortable. This is relevant for people in all walks of life, as sometimes just the ability to talk to someone about issues and concerns can do much to alleviate stress and anxiety. This is what inspired me to become a therapist.

Often people cannot or do not talk to friends, colleagues, partners or family for fear of making them upset, angry, worried or burdened. As a therapist, I offer a safe space for people to talk, that is completely confidential, with no judgement or agenda.

I hold the Professional Diploma in Counselling; this is Gestalt based with a humanistic and person centred ethos. I also hold the Diploma in Therapeutic Coaching FRTC and hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Somatic Trauma Therapy.

I am fully insured and hold a current enhanced DBS certificate.


Originally I qualified as a registered general nurse, but in 1995 I began working with children in an educational environment. For eight years I worked as a learning mentor, and later a counsellor in a large middle school. Ten years ago I left to concentrate solely on my private practice and now work from home, but also receive referrals from schools to work with students, parents and staff. I’m also trained to provide supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists and I offer training on a variety of topics.

I also offer therapeutic supervision to employees to explore the impact that work stressors bring, coping with demanding roles and their management of these issues. Therapeutic supervision can protect the staff member from the need to be absent from work due to work related anxiety, therefore enabling them to be a more productive and happier employee. A colleague who has the opportunity to offload their concerns and possible frustrations in a safe therapeutic confidential setting, will be more effective and better able to focus on their professional role.

I have extensive experience, more than 8,000 hours, of working with young people and adults with a very wide range of mild to complex issues. I enjoy the diversity my work brings, affording me the privilege to work with individuals, couples and young people.

I have been trained as an integrative therapist, so I work flexibly, using specific techniques and key concepts drawn from various approaches – psychotherapeutic, person centred, solution focused, CBT and Transactional analysis. The therapy offered is blended and tailored to your individual needs. I can apply elements of the main theoretical approaches to my counselling practice, using a psychotherapeutic approach, person centred ways of working, or I may introduce transactional analysis, or cognitive behavioural therapy if appropriate.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and adhere to their professional framework. I am fully insured and hold an enhanced current DBS certificate.

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